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Contemporary Haibun Online

December 31, 2010, Vol 6, No 4 “Postcard from Berlin” click here “Postcard from Milan” click here “Postcard from Washington Island, Wisconsin” click here

Haibun Today

October 16, 2009, “Postcard from Napoli” click here March 2010, “Postcard from Seattle” click here September 2010:  “Postcard from NYC” click here; “Postcard from Ixtapa, Mexico” click here

At the Ancient Pond

Drunk with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you please. But get drunk.– Charles Baudelaire The hanging Spanish moss looks one-hundred years younger today, I’ve drained the ancient pond through a red and white striped straw and licked the salt from the rim, the frog sings plop and I’m tokin’ on his […]

Postcards To Jack

Second expanded edition of Postcards to Jack now available from RedBee Editions, an imprint of Argus House Press.  Order here.   One of the best things about Al DeGenova’s Postcards to Jack is that it is aware that a book is a performance (and certainly part of the credit for this goes to Matt Barton […]