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rhino magazine, “a good hammer”

Albert reads “A Good Hammer” from RHINO 2013.  Editors picked the poem as a finalist in their Founder’s Prize competition and nominated the poem for an Illinois Arts Council Literary Award.  Click here for RHINO Audio Poetry.

Finding The Moveable Feast

It is time again for A Moveable Feast. This is my fourth time with Hemingway’s famous memoir about being a young and poor writer in Paris during the 1920s, but this time I am reading the new “restored” edition.  There are subtle changes to the text and “new” chapters culled from Hemingway’s papers, but the […]

all roads will lead you home

read “Black Pearl” at the new online journal from Virtual Artists Collective

About Place Journal

Civil Rights Retrospective issue, “In Our Lifetime”

A Good Hammer

A Good Hammer, is now available from Timberline Press. Timberline produces beautiful hand-made, limited-edition, letterpress art books. Beyond the art and craft of the poetry, A Good Hammer is a limited edition, signed and numbered, collectible. Because there will be no “second print run,” and due to the financial limitations of small press enterprises, you […]

After the Teacher

for Norbert I built a crude altar old bricks and white stones for the sculpture that gently bubbles, the sound of water in my garden – like Basho’s frog jumping in, you’d like that. Yet with morning coffee in one hand and your book in the other I hear lawn mowers, airplanes, and car engines […]

Jensen’s Great Poem, an essay about The Clearing School and Norbert Blei

(My friend and mentor Norbert Blei had asked me to write an essay about my experience at The Clearing Folk School in Ellison Bay, Wisc., for a book he was working on about the school, Jens Jensen the founder of the school, and his 40-year tenure as writer-in-residence at The Clearing.  Norb died this past […]

Thanksgiving Poem

Young buck drags ……….his hindquarters – eyes for escape – ………across the unlit road. The car ahead ………had swerved, pulled …off the road our friends out of their car ………shaking, pacing, Oh Jeez! Oh Jeez! in a field, behind ………the struggling, the useless legs.  Call the police. An accident.      Flashlight.      A shot. Heaving steamy breath.  […]

e-poets network of Voices/Featured Artist Click here to here recordings of Albert DeGenova reading eight of his signature poems.

Contemporary Haibun Online

December 31, 2010, Vol 6, No 4 “Postcard from Berlin” click here “Postcard from Milan” click here “Postcard from Washington Island, Wisconsin” click here